Time to Say Goodbye [244/366/

Well, it appears it is time to say goodbye to a faithful friend - the Hasselblad 503cw.

For the past few months, the Hassy's Imacon Ixpress v96c digital back has been on the fritz - very finicky and temperamental. Each shot became a hit or miss. Will it be a corrupt exposure? Will the file transfer to the computer whole? Obviously none of this is a good sign. But, in the past week a dark band of failed cells started to appear.

So I took my baby to the doctor where he confirmed what I already knew - to fix the back would be twice the value of the back.

I was then left with a choice. Do I replace the 16mb sensor and IR filter? Or, do I move on to bigger and better things? Technology has come a very long way in 7 years. Digital backs now offer a host of conveniences as well upgrades in quality that will take one's breath away. After a lot of deliberating, I chose the latter.

Where does this leave my faithful Hassy?

Sadly, we must part as well.

I rarely shoot with film these days. The cost and inconvenience of processing the film is too much of a headache. There is no room for it in my line of business. And with film companies discontinuing whole lines of film, I wonder how much longer it will be before film runs scarce?

There is still the option for finding a suitable digital back for the Hassy. But, I've come to need a system that is faster and more easily dealt with on location. Now would be the time for me to move on and the price of the Hassy could easily pay for a lens.

It amazes me how attached I have become to this tool. It worked with me to create my visions. I have become intimately aware of its quirks and character. It's hard for a photographer not to anthropomorphize a camera.

However, it is not quite time for goodbyes - I still have a box of 220 film in the fridge.

I'm thinking it's a fitting way to end a long relationship.