A Quick Capture

I have three main cameras: a Mamiya 645DF, a Canon 5D Mark II, and a Fuji x100s. 

Just like a mother, I love all my babies equally - just in different ways. The Mamiya is a large, heavy camera. It takes a while to set up and is slow to use. However, the quality is "like butt-ah".  

The Canon is very versatile and modular. It can take anything I throw at it and laughs at adversity. 

But, the newest member of the family is the little Fuji. This little guy has become my general use camera. It's tiny and lightweight, but has enough power to spit out remarkably succulent files.   

It's also a great camera to snatch up to catch a quick capture.  

Fuji x100s - f2 @60th 3200iso; In camera BW conversion with blue filter

I spotted Winslow lounging on the landing. The light from the third floor window was shining down on him beautifully. He hadn't spotted me so I slipped back into my office and grabbed the Fuji.  

The fuji is capable of being used manually or automatically. In this instance, I switched into auto mode for the first shot (incidentally, my only shot as he noticed me afterwards and begged for a treat).  

With a simple conversion in-camera I switched the image to black and white with a blue filter.

The fuji is a wonderful addition to my little family - the little brother everyone loves to have around!