Ode to Olive {20/365}

Well, it was only a week, but I'm breathing a sigh of relief that Food Week is over. Keeping similar subjects fresh and interesting stretched the right side of my brain to new areas.  Forcing myself to limit the amount of time for each entry to under an hour (including uploading and posting), conditioned me to think fast and to simplify my shooting processes.

The subject of today's entry was going to be a celebratory stiff, dry martini, but . . . unfortunately the FDA doesn't classify a martini as food.  (I know, weird, huh?) Well, to solve this dilemma, so I don't disqualify myself, a juicy, delicious olive was dropped into center stage.

The martini is now categorically food.

I shot this one with my trusty Canon Speedlight EX-II positioned under the martini glass at about a foot's distance and snooted.  Black flags were utilized to darken and outline the glass (I wanted the olive to be the center of attention, not the glass).

The background is Christmas lights!  I shot the scene at a wide-ish aperture to keep the olive and some bubbles in focus, but to allow the Canon 24-70 2.8L's excellent bokeh characteristics to work it's magic on the lights.