Little Man Breandan {24/365}

Breandan and his folks stopped by for their Nine Month photo session.  This little guy is growing so fast and he's a very mobile little tyke, too! Six and nine month, personally, are my favorite sessions to photograph.  They can be tough owing to the little one's increased mobility and energy, but it's wonderful (and an honor) to be there to document such important developmental milestones.  I eagerly look forward to his One Year Old session in a few short months!

Setting up complex shoots is a bit tough for the 9 month old; they often stray out of the spread of the main lights and can close the distance between them and the photographer in 1.2 seconds.  I knew Breandan would need an 'anchor' for at least part of the shoot.  So, I setup my favorite little little-person lounge chair.

I used a much smaller softbox for this one - about 12"x18".  Still soft and didn't flood the scene with light.  An additional trim light was needed to separate him from the darker background, and a slight background light was utilized so it wouldn't fade completely into dark (about -2.5 EV).

I shot shallower than normal for a portrait like this to soften the whole scene: f5.6 @125th 50iso with Canon 85mm 1.2L