Desolate Boston Garden {26/365}

Met a future model for a future shoot today and had a bit of time to walk around and enjoy one of Boston's most scenic spots afterwards before heading home. I only had my 50mm prime lens on me, which by itself is a great walking around lens as it's light and small.  However, as a prime lens it is very limiting - no zoom, not wide and not long.  The 50mm lens is considered "normal view" (fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 eat your heart out).  What you see with your eye is what you get.

Walking through the Boston Public Gardens, what struck me was how desolate the whole place was; I was the only human there! Literally, in the middle of the city, I was the only person as far as the eye could see.  It was like a scene from an Apocalypse movie.

Normally, during the spring and summer months, the Boston Garden is packed full of joggers, sunbathers, dog walkers, baby-pushing Mamas, and relaxing Seasoned Citizens.   The pond is full and rippling and the Swan Boats are in full operation.

Not the case today.

This shot is actually composed with 18 separate exposures, stitched together.  The distortion-free 50mm lens allowed me to collect a whole scene, not just a small part of it, with no distortions and fish-eye effects.

Very handy!