Smokey Abstract {30/365}

Thought I would do something fun for my 30th entry into Project 365.   Smoke Art. Very popular in the strobist community and always a visual pleasure and you never get the same one twice!

Setup is VERY simple: a black background, a snooted flash, and a smoke source.

You can have any background you want ultimately. I am partial to the white (which is an easy switch in PS). But I highly recommend shooting the smoke with a black background. The smoke shows up better!

I fitted a strobe with a 40 degree grid which kept the light off of the black background, lit some incense (it's a heavier smoke) and popped away! Inverted the background to black in PS and applied a very basic gradient.

I liked the shots I got standing back getting the whole smoke column, but I LOVE the shots I got close up. I used my Canon 24-70mm 2.8L - f11 @125th 100iso. This shot I was about 6 inches away. Post-processing in Photoshop CS4.