The Pet Cabaret Halloween Photo Day

Hi Folks! It's been a while!  Alas, the good news is I've been rather busy over the past couple of months :)

On Sunday, I was found at The Pet Cabaret shooting their annual Halloween Pet Photo Day.  It was a blast and quite a success!

Owners brought in their little (and not so little) furry companions to pose for a fall themed portrait. I photographed cute little puppies to a "ginormous", handsome Great Dane!

Here are some sample photos from the event:

Thank you, Lisa & Lisa for hosting this fun day! Looking forward to doing the Christmas event on the 16th!

Here's a link to their store website: The Pet Cabaret and blog: Pet Talk

I highly recommend anyone with a special pet to stop by the Pet Cabaret in Roslindale.  Lisa & Lisa are amazing and have genuine passion for pets and their well being.  They have quite the following of regulars!