Shades of Clear {37/365}

When I'm struggling with a subject for a 365 entry and no warm blooded applicant is available, I always harken back to my Hallmark days and the little assignments they tasked us.  We would fulfill these "optional" tasks in our free time - but secretly we were being graded behind our backs (sneaky sneaky sneaky). I remember one: to photograph a piece of glassware and represent all basic tones in the illuminosity spectrum (i.e. black and white) while providing a well balanced photo (the application of chiaroscuro techniques).

[geek speak: Chiaroscuro is the use of the contrast between dark and light to create dimension and form.  Mostly used in black and white portraiture and commercial work.]

Simple setup - one strobe set behind glass and below, blasting out the background for a halo effect; stemware placed on a piece of glass for minor reflection of said background and said stem; piece of black felt placed under glass for minor light absorption.  Careful placement of glass and background light to create the even toned image.  Two pieces of black foamcore were placed on both sides of stemware to flag and create the black trim on edges of the the glass edges.

Pretty basic glassware photography!

Canon 85mm 1.2L - f16 @125th 50iso