Starlight, Starbright {43/365}

After a day of walking and relaxing under the warm Floridian sun, we returned back to our flagship under a sea of stars. The night sky was crystal clear and lights from the nearby city, Ft. Myers, didn't interfere too much with light pollution.   I have never seen so many stars even during my time studying Astronomy with a telescope and star charts in hand.

This was my first ever attempt at shooting stats, but I knew I needed a long exposure to capture their weak light.  There was a very slight breeze, but that added a nice bit of motion to the palm fronds which were lit by a set of windows behind me.

The Earth provided my tripod.  I placed my camera on the ground facing up and clicked the shutter for the 15 second exposure.

Fun!  I think next time I'm in the country I'll setup a tripod and a camera for a full 8 hour time exposure!

Canon 24-70mm 2.8L - f2.8 @15s 400iso

[HMMM, I MAY be doing this again VERY soon :)]