Feathery Friend {44/365}

Spent the better part of this afternoon at the Naples Zoo.  It's a smallish zoo compared to most, but very well maintained. We arrived at just after high-noon so most of the animals were busy napping in the shade or in their little hideouts, having done their morning appearances.  But, there were a few animals wondering about their enclosures and checking out the score of gawking visitors.

My favorites were the Military Macaws.  Stunning plumage, vibrant colors, and curious temperaments.   This little guy below was kind enough to finish up his preening so I could get a few shots of him.  I love his coloring and the fine texture his feathers offer.

I really appreciated having my Canon 135mm with me.  It's a lighter lens, doesn't zoom, but it's sharp as a tack throughout all fstops.  Plus, it's a fast lens, so blurring out confusing backgrounds is a cinch.

I shot this wide open at f2, which caused the background of twigs, feeding bins and wire fence to blur out nicely, separating Mr. Macaw and making him the main focus.  The reflections of the sun off the wire fence even blessed me with some nice bokeh rings.   The color fidelity and sharpness of the lens is superb even wide open!

Canon 135mm 2L - f2 @250th 200iso