Inked Beauty {52/365}

Had a marvelous shoot with Thuy, Bob and Dana Dodson Makeup, today. I am a great lover of the tattoo.  Tho, I could never actually have one of my own (I am of the most indecisive sort, which do not make good tattoo recipients), I always have had an appreciation of those who dedicate their bodies to the craft and artistry.

Thuy and Bob were willing to show off the "body" of work for me and I hope I did them justice.  Today's entry for 365 was a difficult choice as I got such great shots from both Thuy and Bob!  Ultimately, I chose Thuy for the marvelous profile shot I got from her.

Thuy's tattoo spanned the whole of her upper back; beautiful colors and subject matter!  It also blended in with her exotic looks and I wanted both to shine through in this portrait.  Time for the Profile Portrait!

Profile portraits really can only work for certain types of faces.  Thuy has amazing bone structure and is a perfect subject for the profile.

My main light was placed behind her camera right (in the closed loop position).  In order to make the profile work, you must position the face perfectly - don't let too much white in the eye show!  Have your subject look slightly towards the camera to fill the eye with iris.

I lit her tattoo with a hard strobe light fitted with a 10 degree grid, powered down one stop below the main.  This helped to heighten the colors.

I added one more strobe behind Thuy and high above the camera as a hair light.

Thank you, Thuy!  And thank you Dana Dodson for the makeup artistry!

Since Project 365 only allows me to post ONE photo per entry, I will be posting my other favorites from the session tomorrow.  Most will be black and white, but you should see the work Bob has on his arm, back and chest!  Time for some edgy work and to step a bit out of my norm :)


Canon 85mm 1.2L - f10 @125th 100iso