Domestic Disturbance {55/365}

2010 thus far is proving to shape up to be a much busier year.  Blessedly!  Between client proofs to process, the new Project 365, side projects to finish and portfolio development for PPA certification, I've processed close to 10,000 images so far this year and trying not to let myself fall too far behind!  However, I'm learning some very valuable lessons in efficiency and time management (I'm NOT saying I'm succeeding at such, mind you.  Just learning them.). One lesson aside from the business issues, is there is life outside of the viewfinder!

Occasionally, I must disrupt my photographic endeavors, come up for air, and do the domestic duties we all know and love.

Laundry must be washed.  Floors must be vacuumed.  Walls must be painted.  Dust bunnies must be corralled.  The Cats must be worshipped.

Canon 24-70 2.8L - f5.6 @200th 50iso ; Lighting scenario:  guess! ;)

(and for those of you wise-cracks out there . . .  NO, I did not REALLY watch the laundry drying.  I prefer watching the paint peel.)