Shoulder Kitty {56/365}

There are Lap kitties and there are Shoulder kitties.   I'm sure many cat owners servants out there know what I'm talking about. Winslow is the latter.  He doesn't much care for a warm, comfortable lap, but the high vantage point of a shoulder;  especially one that's 6' 3" off the ground.

As a photographer, I was absolutely HEART-BROKEN to discover the two, incredibly adorable five month old tuxedo kittens we adopted were  . . . . <sniff> . . . .  camera-shy.  I was inconsolable for weeks months.  BUT, one must move one and adapt to difficult circumstances.

I've been wanting to get a great portrait of the Winslow for ages.  It occurred to me this evening (while pondering today's 365 entry) to photograph him in one of his most favorite places - a willing shoulder.

Canon 85mm 1.2L - f5.6 @125th 50iso

Tomorrow's goal: Winslow's sister, Georgia.  She has NO IDEA what's coming.  <evil giggle>