Queen of the Anura {57/365}

Chris's cousin, Danny and his partner, Claudio, have some of the niftiest objects around their house.  They have one of those houses, where every time you visit you spot a new curiosity, tastefully placed in a corner or on a wall. One of my most favorite is a Queen Frog Doll.  She and her husband both sit on a stuffed chair in the foyer, creating visitors with self-contented smiles.  The details of the costumes are intriguing and the charm she radiates is endearing.

Tonight, we visited for one of Claudio's delicious pizzas and I thought I had to do a headshot of the Queen Frog.

I packed my two speedlites and my 135mm lens along with a couple of CTO gels to create a warm image.  I set her up in the living room and placed the speedlites in such a way to match the catchlights already painted on her as closely as I could and gelled them to add to the warm tones.  The background was the Oriental rug;  I let just a little bit of light spill onto to it, to make the image even warmer and to add dimension.

Canon 135mm 2L - f2 @200th 100iso