It has Arrived {58/365}

Hello, my name is Andy and I am a MAC-head. It's true!  Love the Apple product.

Today, Apple released their latest product, the iPad.   It's sleak.  You really have no idea, until you've held it.

Sadly, I will not be using it today, or for the coming week.  Someone else in this household is bringing it with him on a business trip, so I will be stuck at home iPad-less.  It's ok.  I'm keeping my distance for now and pretending it's still last week and the iPad will be released this Friday (the day HE returns).

Canon 135mm 2L - f8 @.33s 100iso - medium softbox camera left, shutter dragged to allow screen to burn in; gridded strobe for background with bluish gel

(Thank you, Chris, for letting me hold it . . . . finally.)