creamy flower bokeh {61/365}

I might be a little bokeh-happy  :)  I love a photo will very little depth of focus and nice creamy bokeh.  I find it creates an abstract feel to your overall photo, while sharply focusing on your main subject.  The human eye really likes contrast so naturally dials in on the sharpest part of a photo, which should be your subject. I liked this little flower.  The stamens were especially pronounced and the most colorful part of this plain blossom.

I shot wide open for this one, f2, the widest my 135mm lens can do.  This caused the stamens of the blossom to remain in the field of focus and allowed the rest of the flower to blend into creamy bokeh.

To create a little more focus (meaning, attention to) I backlit the flower to make the yellow/gold interior a deeper, richer color.

Canon 135mm 2L - f2 @125th 50iso - medium softbox behind subject; subject on glass atop a piece of white foam core.