Me & Brella {64/365}

I'm fixing to be doing more and more location shoots so I spent a little bit of time today playing around with a few light modifiers. One of them was the Photek 60" Softlighter II.  It's a rather large umbrella that can be fitted with diffusion material, making it a "Brella" - half softbox, half umbrella.

The light is UBER soft and well balanced.  But the best thing about it is, it's very portable and very inexpensive!  As this is the largest size, the other nice thing is, it's not going to be costly for me to add the other two smaller softlighters in the series to my arsenal :)

One Elinchrom strobe fitted with the 60" softlighter II camera right in split light position; 85mm 1.2L - f8 @125th 100iso