Floyd, the Chocolate Lab {73/365}

Had a blast photographing Floyd, the Chocolate Lab puppy today! Went to my favorite locale for the session, Larz Anderson.  It's high up with plenty of space to let in the beautiful, low, warm sunshine.

As he was bouncing around every which way, because that's what puppies do, I tried to stick with just natural daylight and kept the sun behind me or at a 45 degree angle to keep the shadows to a minimum.

As most of the tones in the park were brown, aside from the grass, I wanted to shoot wide open to,

  1. blur out the brown/tan background so that he would stick out more
  2. and, to give me the fastest shutter speed possible, because puppies don't stand still for long!

Canon 135mm 2L - f2.8 @2000th 100iso; low 5 o'clock sun on my back and a tennis ball in my left hand

More to come!