Pepper 24 {84/365}

Edward Weston is arguably one of the most influential photographers of the age. In one of his most popular photographs, Pepper 30, Weston showed his uncanny ability to bring out sensuality even in vegetated life.  You can see a copy of that photo by clicking here.

I decided to delve into the wondrous world of texture, character, form, and light after Weston, inspired by his masterpiece.

Instead of a green pepper, I chose a red one; instead of a bowl, I placed my pepper on a piece of canvas.  The canvas does, however add more texture to the image and takes away a bit from the pepper, but I think on the whole, it adds to the image and the organic nature of the subject -  it even contrasts nicely with the abstract form of the pepper.

I carefully adjusted the shutters in the room to let light fall on the pepper in such ways as to accent the curves.  I utilized chiaroscuro techniques to keep the pepper three dimensional and to accentuate the curves.

I think I'll be doing more of these in the future!

Canon 135mm 2L - f16 @4s 125iso; window light from left, right and above camera