Color Fidelity {87/365}

Whilst shooting yesterday's shoot with Emily and seeing the result, it really drove home the importance that your light does not get molested too much before it hits your film/chip. I decided to set up a little experiment.  I shot 5 wine glasses filled with different colored jello with two different types of lenses.  (A rainbow . . . . .  go figure.)

The first shot, I shot with a Canon "L" series lens, the 85mm 1.2L.

I then switched lenses and shot with a regular 50mm 1.4 lens. (With the different lens focal lengths, I attempted to line them up the best I could.)

I was shocked by the difference!

The 85mm utilizes at least one fluorite (or ultra-low dispersion glass element) and combines this with super-low dispersion glass and ground aspherical elements.

Yeah, ok . . . GREEK!  In other words, the light coming from your subject is treated right with the "L", not like a stranger with an attitude on the south-side of Detroit.

I get a lot of requests for advice as to what camera bodies to buy, but I comparatively never get asked what lenses to buy!  I always say, "It really depends on what you are shooting".  Cameras come and go, lenses seldom get upgraded and more than likely they'll stay with you a lot longer than your camera body.  When you're choosing lenses for whatever camera you're looking at and money is a major consideration, consider downgrading a bit on the camera and upgrading a bit on the lens!  You'll get a new camera body down the road, but your lens should stay with you for a long time.

If color is a concern, get the most top of the line as you can, even if it means you sacrifice that nifty HDR video feature on your SLR body.

I shoot with Canon's 5D family.  The camera bodies are great and, yes, I sure would LOVE a 1x series camera at triple the price, but my lenses are my blood.  They flawlessly translate my light and give me the highest quality I could hope for.