Bert P.

"Bert is coming over and he says he'll let you photograph him," Chris announced. Music to my ears!  I LOVE it when company comes over and let's me do quick portraits  :)  It either gives me a chance to try something new or improve on an idea or concept I've been working on.  (Plus, this gives Chris a break from playing Guinea Pig.)

Bert is a handsome, very photogenic and just an all around jolly, nice fellow.  I also think he has some very nice classical features that would lend well to black and white and shadow play.

I wanted to accentuate his facial bone structures, so I placed my main light camera right, somewhat high and in the closed-loop position.  I then placed a trim light behind him and camera left, to highlight his jaw bone and cheek a bit.  As he has very very short hair, I placed a grid on the trim light to prevent the light from highlighting the top of his noggin.

He was seated roughly 4 feet from the white backdrop.  Enough light spilled onto it to give it a light gray appearence which matched nicely with the blue tones in the black and white conversion.  Harmony!

Canon 85mm 1.2L - f8 @125th 100iso