Texture 1 {94/365}

I am a HUGE fan of black and white.  When a subject or situation doesn't call for black and white, I, naturally, leap towards the color option and saturate it. But some instances call for high contrast black and white;  those calls are usually are for texture. Working out in the yard, today, brought inspiration.

I rushed indoors and set up some lights.  One bare bulb and a background light for a pure white.  Not easy to set up one-handed, for I cleaned one hand;  the other I photographed.

I loved the texture of the dried dirt on my hands.  The stark black and white enhanced the texture and contrasts even further.

The lesson is for black and white, if you use a filter similar to the color of what you see, it will appear light. If you use a filter opposite of what you see, you will get darker tones.

What filter would you think I used for this shot?

Canon 135mm 2L - f11 @125th 100iso; bare studio strobe in butterfly position; one strobe on background.