Claudio - Dark and Moody

I love low-key photos.  They can convey a whole range of emotions and interesting angles and shadows.  Claudio is a native of and works as a taxi driver on the luxurious island of Capri.  In the summer, he is busy driving around the Stars as they vacation.  During the winters, he braves the New England weather and works as a Real Estate Agent.  At times, he models.

Claudio was one of my first models I ever worked with.  It's always a pleasure to photograph him!

Low-key Claudio #4

Low-key Claudio #5

Low-key Claudio #2

Rembrandt Lighting is a favorite of mine.  This is an exaggerated example but it adds to the moodiness of the photo:

Low-key Claudio #3

I love the use of negative space in this shot:

Low-key Claudio #1