Tony & Diane {100/365}

I was planning on doing a more personal 100th entry into the 365 Project - something centennial-ish.  But, I decided what's best is to post something that signifies what I love to do most.  Taking portraits. Tony and Diane are getting married!  We headed to the park on this absolutely beautiful day for some engagement photos.  We planned on doing the shoot later in the day to take advantage of the lower, warmer sun.

While direct sunlight is far from the most ideal light source and dabbled lighting is even worse, finding a good balance is key.  So, I offset the light with a off-camera strobe.

The shot below is actually a candid shot I snagged in between adjusting the light.  Tony and Diane are so comfortable with each other and fit together so beautifully, it was fun taking shots of them posing and interacting together as well.  All lending to a very relaxed and enjoyable shoot!

Canon 85mm 1.2L - f5 @250th 200iso; quantum strobe camera right balanced with the ambient with sunlight as trim.