Greenberg-ed {106/365}

One thing I think that is important is for photographers to practice different styles from different photographers. Jill Greenberg is a very well-known photographer, you can find her website by clicking here.  She's photographed Presidents, visiting dignitaries, and lots of crying children. While, I'm not a fan of her practices, she does have a very distinct style that has taken root in many different areas of photography, primarily the "strobist" movement.

Her style is easily recognizable by the garishness, harshness, and "realistic" approach to her subjects.  Often she uses strong trim lights and ring flashes, which help eliminate any shadows on her subjects.

I decided to do my best approximation today for my 365.

While I don't have all the appropriate equipment Jill uses in her setup, such as silver umbrellas and ring flashes, I did my best approximation!

Canon 85mm 1.2L - f11 @125th 100iso; two rim lights set at f22, main light both camera left and camera right set at f11, background light set at f22 with 20 degree grid. Sharpness increased in PS4.