Big Light {109/365}

Picked up a new toy tool today,  a 54" x 72" softbox!  It's nice and big  :)  Almost as tall as I am! Why did I get one?  Well, for multiple reasons, but the main reason is a large light source offers very very soft studio light.  Think of it as a large window.  Those of you who subscribe to my blog, know that I LOVE window light for it's soft qualities.  It will be perfect for half to full length portraits, families, and babies as it will light up a sweep evenly so the little tike can roam around more freely.

Canon 85mm 1.2L - f8 @125th 100iso; I placed the 54x72 softbox behind me!

Stay tuned - if you're interested in reviews, I will probably be writing up an entry on this box!