Claudio - Part Deux

Hello Folks, I was so pleased with the results of Claudio's shoot the other day that I invited him back to another session to play around with some ideas I had.  

I wanted to add a bit more color to the shots as the black makes colors pop.

Here are the results:

Shot this one as if he were posing for a Sunglass Advertisement -

Claudio - Sunglasses Promo

Claudio - Glasses and Purple.

Claudio in Glasses and Hat

I also wanted to do a black and white/white on black shot and also keep it symmetrical - 

Claudio - White on Black

I used two strip boxes to reflect evenly in his glasses and to lit him fully - 

Claudio 'Matrix'esque

I decided to turn off the front key light and just light him with the trim lights.  Love the effect!  Very 1930's Mafia.

Claudio 'Mafia' Shot