One Lighter {110/365}

Today's Monday Wednesday Lesson (yes, I'm a few days late hehehe sorry!) will be about Simplicity. Portraits do not need to be made with lots of complex equipment.  Even the Masters, such as Leibovitz, often use minimal amounts of soft boxes, strips lights, umbrellas, reflectors, et al, to light their subjects.

The use of one light portraiture is gaining a lot of popularity, especially in the Strobist community.  I think, mainly, because it's the least costly way to do portraiture aside from relying on the unpredictable nature of natural light.  One light portraits can be just as dramatic as a multiple source portrait.  I often use only one light for mine.

This self-portrait was done with only one light.  Reverse engineering it a bit, you could conclude it was made up of three lights: one camera left for trim on my shoulder and cheek, main light camera right for the left side of my face and a final light for the background.

I used the new large softbox I purchased yesterday.  I placed it directly behind me at a slight angle to the right to lit up my face just a bit more than my back.  The light is large enough to wrap around my sides to form the trim lights. The light itself acted as my background.

This same type of shot could be done by standing with my back against a large window, for example.

Using only one light for your portraiture can simplify your life and open yourself up to more creative ideas.

Canon 85mm 1.2L - f8 @125th 100iso; 54" x72" softbox behind me angled slightly