Hassy {111/365}

I love the Hasselblad.  I simply do not use it enough.  That is going to change!

The setup was simple, just maneuvering around was tricky.  I setup the Hasselblad on a tripod and did a basic portrait setup.  You can see a bit of the softbox on the left (camera right) and my black panel on the right (camera left).  I then had to setup the Canon above the Hasselblad, looking down into the viewfinder.  Easier said than done! My trusty step ladder came to the rescue!

Metering was a bit different.  The light hitting me was measured at f5.6.  But, I had to get the correct exposure in the scene, so I had to get a reading on how bright the viewfinder was registering.

Bonus Question:  Why did I say the softbox is on camera right even tho it appears on the left side of the scene?  Bueller? Bueller?

Canon 24-70mm 2.8L - f2.8 @125th 100iso; large softbox camera right, black panel camera left.