Now for something different. . .

Hello! Well, it's been a crazy month!  After doing another photo day at the Pet Cabaret, it's been non-stop shooting and printing!

But in between ordering puppy pics, packaging cute baby cards and rushing to the Post Office, I was able to have some fun and finally do some male figure studies - something completely out of my norm.

I've been wanting to do male figure studies for a while now.  The way light falls and shapes is much, much different than with women and I wanted the challenge.

Patrick was nice enough to do some poses for me (and I didn't have to beg too hard!).  He brought along his Stetson Cowboy Hat and I thought it was the perfect prop to go along with his rugged looks.

Here are the results:  Warning!  PG-13 shots ahead!

Cowboy Silhouette #1

I love the way the light flows around him in this next one.  It has a very dreamy quality - almost as if the light is holding him.

Cowboy in the Light

This is my favorite of the whole bunch.  I love the trim lights, how they shape and outline his body and reveal the texture in his hat.

Cowboy Nude #2

and sans the hat:

Male Nude #1

and I had to do my standard lowkey shots like I did with Claudio:

Patrick #6

I swear I've seen him in Oklahoma! the Musical ;)


Patrick #7


and a back muscle shot.  Love the light shaping going on.

Patrick Back #1

I'm extremely pleased with the results and so is Patrick!  Looking forward to doing more with him in the spring as he is "in-season" then.

Looking forward to it!  Thanks, Patrick!