imminent {113/365}

Had a great day perusing the shops in Provincetown.  It's always amusing observing the monolithic nature of couture amongst the cultures and the fashion trends in the personnel that roam the streets.  People watching is always a fascination of mine . . . but . . . the sun was shining, the breeze was freshening, the crowds were heavy and the wallet was shrinking, so my mind turned to one thing. . . . . . . the Beach.

I don't care about the sun, I don't care about seeing and being seen.  To me it's all about the ocean, the wind  and the cleansing embrace of the salinized air.

Luckily, we arrived just as the Cape was to be host to a myriad of heavy rain and heavy storms.

Off in the distance a storm was brewing . . .

Canon 50mm 1.8 - f5.6 @125th 100iso; little bit o' patience to get the lightening; increased contrast a little bit on PS4 to get the color and contrast of the approaching storm; location, Race Point Beach, Cape Cod.