Around the Common {other}

I realized today that with the 365 Project, I'm posting a photo everyday, but only one photo.  I really don't show off all the other shots I take!  Thought I'd take an opportunity right now to post some other shots I took walking around the Boston Common and Public Garden.  My main goal was to visit the 20,000 American Flags dedicated to the Fallen Massachusetts Heroes since WW1.  Naturally, I shot other stuff! Here are two outtakes from the "For the Fallen" 365 posting I did:

The next ones were taken down in the Boston Garden starting off with a busy bee on these HUGE flowers (anybody know the name?):

A Momma doing her thing while a Swan Boat drifts by:

Quebec is experiencing some substantial forest fires.  The smoke from it wafted in to the region this morning and into the evening.  Below is a shot of the Prudential as seen from the Common.

Alexander Hamilton is one of my favorite Founders (well, sorta - he believed in a more centralized power):

This Church is right near Newbury Street.  Not sure of the name, I apologize, but I LOVED the ivy and the Hancock building (you really see the haze in this one) in the background.  Great contrast with lines and organic symmetry: