Headshots for Alex

Hello Everyone, I love doing headshots.  They are among one of my most favorite areas of photography. 

Some people shoot their headshots highly formal and stiff.  Some people do them very casually and relaxed.  I like doing them in a way each shot shows the different sides of a person's personality.   I want it to be agonizingly difficult for the client to choose just one headshot.  The more agonizing it is . . . the better.

Alex is an aspiring actor.  He came to me needing some basic headshots to be used for comp cards and the start of his portfolio.  I approached this assignment thinking, as an actor, Alex needs a variety of shots to give his acting portfolio some meat.  Black and whites make for gorgeous headshots.  A gray to dark gray background adds drama and can be lightened or darkened easily.

Alex Headshot #5

Alex Headshot #3

Alex Headshot #1

Alex Headshot #2

Alex Headshot #4

Watch for this kid on Law & Order :)

Best of luck, Alex!