Casey makes the Grade {122/365}

Congratulations to my little (ok, maybe not so little if you've tried to pick him up - I'm going to feeling that for a while) nephew, Casey.  He has successfully completed the first hop on the big road to educational enlightenment.  He graduated from Pre-School :) Me, being me, had to commemorate the experience with a head shot.

Casey was VERY distracted.  Who could blame him?  There was punch and pie to be had and the excitement of the ceremony weighed on his mind (afterall, he was FIRST in the ceremonial line).  But, talking to him about other stuff that excited him got him away from the "cheese!" smile and gave me a genuine smile as he thought about names for the new pets to be arriving during the summer.

Canon 135mm 2L - f2.8 @500th 400iso; he sat on a step under a pine tree with shrubs in the background; behind me clear sky with filtered sky directly above - enough for a directional light.