A Shared Moment {127/365}

I love doing engagement sessions! Courtney and Matt are engaged to be married in October.

The three of us met in Davis Square in Somerville under a sky that was threatening to rain down upon us.  But, we had no fear and got some great shots, despite getting a little wet.  After our outdoor adventures, Courtney and Matt brought me to a place dear to them, the Burren, the place where they first met.

What I love about this part of the shoot was how Courtney and Matt decided to recreate this special moment in their courtship - each wearing the same shirts (with side-story about that), drinking the same drinks, and enjoying eachother's company in the same environment.

In this shot, you can tell they shared a moment of reflection of that fateful day.

Canon 24-70mm 2.8L - f2.8 @40th 800iso; natural light coming through the windows. Enough wrap and bounce to illuminate their faces