"Psycho Sally" the Cat {129/365}

This is Charlie, affectionately also known as, "Psycho Sally". Charlie is an old lady.  She suffered a stroke early on in life and lived with a blind eye and one side of her face paralyzed.  She's gracing her twilight years with poise and comfort - and just a little bit of craziness  :)

Awhile back I came to photograph her and her roommates, but she wanted nothing to do with me.

Well, today, I had my second chance.  She was fast asleep in her little hammock giving me the perfect time to quietly frame the shot, make sure my lighting was spot on and focus was sharp.  I was able to snag 4 exposures (3 exposures more than I needed) before she decided to flee the comfort of her hammock for an upstairs closet, vowing vengeance for such deception.

I love the tones in this image.  The blanket and her fur blend nicely.  The wall to camera right is a yellow/gold, so  I bounced my on-camera flash onto it to give the whole scene warmth.  I used the blanket hammock to frame her face and lead the viewer's eye.  There is a pair of east facing windows in the background giving just a hint of trim.

Canon 135mm 2L - f4 @60th 200iso