Bottle Shoot

In the previous entry, S.Pellegrino {131/365}, I shot a product I used to get the bubbles in two previous posts, Fresh and Organic Textures. Now I will show you how this shot was made for today's Wednesday's Tutorial.

First thing I did was take the Pellegrino out of the fridge, nice and cold.  By the time I was ready to shoot the bottle, it would be sufficiently sweating without me having to simulate it by spritzing it with water.

First thing I set up, always, is my main light.  For this, I used a mola beauty dish placed about a foot and half away camera left.  A small black piece of foamcore blocked the light from hitting the black background and washing out the background light.

Next, I placed a strobe fitted with a snoot at the end of a boom and positioned it just slightly behind the bottle.  I then used a piece of stiff paper and manupulated it so that it was sticking out from underneath the bottle in the back at a 45 degree angle and folded back edges so they wouldn't be seen from the camera's point of view.  I made sure the snooted strobe was only directly shining down on only the paper.  This whole act gives me a solid reflection inside the bottle and not an ugly mottled mess.

The last light I added was a strobe placed underneath the table and pointed upwards to give me the "horizon light" behind the bottle.  I added a slightly green/yellow gel for a bit more color.

Each light was carefully metered: the main set to f8; the background at f13 right at the hot spot (it's brightest); the snooted strobe at f9, it only needed a bit more power to shine through the bottle evenly.  After a few exposures, I noticed the left side of the bottle was too dark, so I placed a white bounce card on the shadow side to fill it in.

Very simple shot overall.  Just a bit of finagling to get the lighting placed just right.  The important thing was making sure the white bounce behind the glass was correctly angled so as to reflect evenly throughout the entire length of the bottle.