ah! Sunflower {132/365}

Ah! Sunflower, weary of time, Who countest the steps of the sun; Seeking after that sweet golden clime Where the traveller's journey is done;

Where the youth pined away with desire, And the pale virgin shrouded in snow, Arise from their graves, and aspire Where my Sunflower wishes to go!

- William Blake, 1793

Most sunflower shots I have seen always are done with a bright blue sky or with a dazzling sun silhouette.  I don't believe that route truly shows off the Sunflower's character.  The Sunflower is strong, vibrant, and defiant.  I wanted to show these qualities by contrasting it against dark and forbidding elements.

Canon 24-70mm 2.8L - f8 @800th 100iso; almost straight out of camera, just increased contrast a tad, cropped it as a square and applied color balancing; sky metered at 1/400th, dropped it down to 1/800th to darken it up and make it more dramatic; speedlight held slightly camera right to allow the shadows on the sunflower's left to retain their dimension; blustery wind camera right