Back into the swing of things; Welcome 2009!

Hiya Folks! Well, back into the swing of things after a nice long, very-much-needed, relaxing break.  

2008 ended with a bang after a very successful Holiday season.  November found me photographing everything from dogs, cats, and little babies.  December was the month of last minute portraits and very last minute holiday gifts and orders.  Both months provided me with a peek into what to expect next year and what changes that would help make the machine run much smoother.

A few goals are in order to make 2009 even more successful!  

1.  I will maintain this blog on a very regular basis, if not just to check in with a quick post.  I've received many emails from amateur photographers with questions on certain techniques and I will endeavor to make this blog a somewhat educational one.  Not only to help those just learning, but also to help solidify my own knowledge for PPA Certification.

2.  For those who prefer to do their ordering online, I will be integrating a more user friendly shopping cart with more features and products.  

3.  I will be increasing my line of products geared towards those who want just that one special print and those who just can't decide and want them all!  

4.  There will be monthly specials and events as well as programs including a referral and repeat customer program.

5.  As most of my business is email and internet based, an email marketing campaign will be implemented.

So far, 2009 is going to be a great year!  I'm excited about implementing new workflow procedures to make post-production MUCH easier so I can spend more time shooting great images for my clients.

Looking forward to it!