al Dente {162/365}

I was cooking dinner again and inspiration snagged me and the 12 ounces of dry pasta I was holding. The sun had just set and outside the light changed from warm to cool. The pasta I held had a beautifully uniform yellow.  I held the stack up with the window in the background and took some shots under an incandescent bulb.

Incandescent bulbs are beautiful when they are color corrected as they have a "true" warm tone.  Balancing correctly to the indoor lights caused the outdoor cool light to become even cooler and gave me a georgeous blue hue to contrast with the yellow pasta.

I'm going to miss the incandescent bulb.  Stock up!  They are gone come 2012.

Canon 24-70mm 2.8L - f2.8 @250th 1600iso; natural light - daylight for background right at twilight, indoor overhead light from incandescent lightbulb