Timeless Black and White

For most of the history of photography, B&W was a photographer’s only choice for taking pictures. Even as color became available, B&W photos had better quality and were less expensive to develop than color. As technology improved, color film became a more popular choice for photographs, kicking B&W out of the limelight.  However, these days, B&W photos are enjoying a revival. Photographers are rediscovering the power and timeless nature that B&W can give to photos.

With the increasing availability of digital cameras at ever greater quality, why go for that B&W photo at all? Well, depending on the subject, a photographer may use B&W to create a stark, somber tone, or a poignant, cherished moment. Vibrant colors can actually detract from the subject. Texture and lighting that would normally be lost in color photos will stand out in B&W.

B&W photos can also add an air of romance, class and timelessness to an otherwise plain photo. Color can date a photo either because the original colors in the print have faded or because the popularity of colors  can be traced back to a certain time period (remember that mustard yellow fridge that matched your rust red bell bottoms ever so perfectly?).  

B&W rises above this problem.

Karen in B&W

The lovely Karen was willing to pose for this photo.  

The viewer's eye does not have color to distract from her face and the photo will always have a timeless feel to it for years to come.