C Bar {182/365}

I'm heading up to Canada for a long weekend, so I decided to rent a couple of lenses and have fun with them. One is Canon's 15mm Fish-eye lens.  What a fun lens this is!  With a full-sized camera sensor you can get 180 degree images!  The exaggerated perspective and distortion is characteristic of a fish-eye lens.  Very much like the peep hole on your hotel door.  Not an ideal portrait lens as it will give your subject a big nose, but it's great for getting a lot of scenery into the frame.

The picture below is of the Legal Seafood C Bar in Legacy Place, Dedham, Mass. I shot the seafood joint with my fish-eye lens . . . haha, get it? Fish, seafood. . . hehe

Anyway, I was standing right up on the curb not even 20 feet away from the front door.

Beautiful time to shoot photos.  The sun just set and all the lights were coming on.  Almost a "Cape Light" feel.

Canon 15mm 2.8 - f3.5 @60th 800iso; Natural Light