Nothing New {194/365}

Since the domination of photographic digital technology, one has to wonder if there truly is anything new under the sun anymore. Photographic trends pop up overnight and shutterbugs everywhere flock to it's clarion call. They fill their portfolios with apprentice-style shots giving homage to whatever the flavor-of-the-month is.  It covers every genre from weddings, model portfolios, seniors, and especially baby portraiture.  Generally speaking, we have all seen a ring on a bible with a heart-shaped shadow (see below); we have all seen a teen posing on the bumper of an old Ford truck; we have all seen that cute sleeping baby atop a stack of plush towels.

The question is: as a photographer, should flavor-of-the-month trends be embraced, or be avoided like bubonic plague?

I say, embrace it.

Trends provide valuable lessons.  Sure, you can take the "high" road and refuse to give in for sake of your artiste persona.  Or, you can embrace it and suck all the reasons as to why it's a trend and apply your unique eye to produce new ideas and techniques.  You will help broaden the trend and contribute (or start) a new path.


Canon 135mm 2L - f3.5 @125th 50iso; speedlite in background