Keeping it Real {201/365}

There are times when you want a scene to look as natural as possible, but given the camera sensor's ability to pick up light - which is not equal to the human eye- this can often proven difficult.  So you have to subsitute artificial light in certain areas of the scene to fool the viewer's perception. I used my little kitty, Georgia, as an experimental guinea pig for this posting.  She wasn't too thrilled about it.

She was soundly asleep on the bed.  The light from the window behind me lit the scene beautifully. When she gazed up at me, it filled her eyes with beautiful catch-lights.  However, the window behind and to the right of her was too weak to give enough back lighting.  If I shot the scene as I saw it, she would appear to have been in a dark room.

To compensate for this, I set up a quick softbox camera right to act in place of the weak "window" which you see in the scene.  The strobe gives out more controlled power and imitated the light I perceived coming from the window, backlighting her and balancing the front window nicely.

Doesn't she looked thrilled by this?

So, to recap, I strengthened the rear window by substituting a soft-boxed strobe which will give me enough power to balance the light coming from a window behind me.

Sorry, Georgia, you may go back to sleep.

Canon 70-200mm 2.8LII - f4 @50th 800ISO; natural light behind me, artificial light camera right to replace weak window light camera right and back in frame.