Gouden Eeuw {235/365}

The Dutch Golden Age (Gouden Eeuw) spanned the 17th century.  It was a time of relative prosperity, during which the Dutch excelled in matters of science, art, and trade. The Dutch artists of this time enriched the genre of painting to include landscape, portraiture and still life.  They built upon the baroque era with Caravaggio-esque subjects, leaving nature in it's natural state.  A beautiful thing in of itself.

Today's 365 is a throw-back to this enlightened age of painters of whom I deeply admire for their naturalistic and simplistic capture of light.

(I hope I did them some justice!)

Hasselblad 503cw with Carl Zeiss 80mm - f16 @15s 50iso; natural window light directly to the right of the display; heavy rain outside helped tone down the light