Apple Pickin' {240/365}

Happened to find ourselves out in Western MA on this absolutely beautiful October day.  What's a natural thing for a New Englander to do?  Go apple pickin' We stopped by Clarkdale Farm in Deerfield.  Highly recommend these folks!  Very cheery and love what they do.  AND delicious apples  :)

Kinda of an odd photo to post as I was surrounded by glossy apples and colorful leaves(more of those forthcoming as we head deeper into the season), but this wall of apple boxes caught my eye for a few reasons.  First, the geometrics and pattern.  Second, the color - loved the warm rich tones of the wood.  But mostly because in the photo studio photographers use boxes to have models stand on for height, or to prop feet, etc, etc.  Those boxes are called Apple Boxes and interestingly enough look NOTHING like the real thing ;)

Silly, I know. LOL

Canon 50mm 1.4 - f3.2 @40th 100iso; natural light coming from left and bounce from ground below.