Mallard Headshot {287/365}

I love ducks.  They are so graceful.  Love their lines and curves and especially the gradation of colors on select species. I got my paws on a spectacular lens for an upcoming sports event.  It's the Canon 400mm 2.8L II with a 1.4x extender for a combined total of 560mm of delicious telephoto capabilities.  The thing weighs a ton, has a 6" diameter lens, and measures well over 2' with the lens hood on.  NOT your typical walking around lens.

So where do I go to try this monster out? Yup, Larz.

When I arrived about an hour before sunset, the ducks were doing their usual patrolling and bathing routines. I've always wanted to get a headshot of a Mallard, but have never been able to get close enough.  Even tho I'm in the city, these ducks are still very cautious of humans.

Sitting 30' away on a park bench I snapped quite a few shots of a Mallard and his lovely wife taking a dip.  LOVE the details I was able to snag.

Canon 400mm 2.8L II with 1.4x Extender - f4 @500th 1600iso; natural light from behind; plenty of bounce from water to fill foreground