Compositional Metropolis {309/365}

Took it to the streets this afternoon/evening and shot some skyline photos of our fair city. Switching from the 2x3 format of the Canon DSLRs to the square format of the Hassy really puts composition in perspective; I'm much more attuned to their unique characteristics and the different compositional rules that apply for each.  The Trinity Technique works extra well for square format than it does for 2x3 given it's more compact space.  This compositional technique involves three main points of interest - or three main intersections for the eye to connect to and flow around the image.

This shot was composed from the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway looking south-southwest towards the Custom House and Haymarket.   Using the walkway in the foreground as a leading line into the picture, I connected it to the busy intersection at the end of a row of streetlights on the right.  With the Custom House on the left and the moon above, my "Trinity" composition is completed.   The triangle created by these intersecting points allow the viewer's eye to freely roam and take in the details from foreground to background.

Hasselblad 503cw with Hasselblad Fisheye 30mm f3.5 CFi Zeiss F-Distagon - f22 @30s 50iso; natural light; fish-eye distortion corrected in Phocus