34 Years {318/365}

Yup.  Today was my birthday. 34 years. Needed to celebrate a little bit :)  I wanted to shoot a shot of burning Absinthe (with a blue flame) and have the background and ambient light be nice and warm.   Nice contrast!  Turns out, I challenged myself with this one quite a bit.

The background is just a pile (never could get the knot out of it) of white Christmas lights.  I put a one stop diffuser screen in front of them to tone down the brightness and to spread the color a bit.

The tricky part is, how do I get the blue flame from the burning Absinthe to record when the background lights are far brighter?  A longer exposure would just burn out the lights and over power the flame even more; and shortening the shutter would not let the flame record at all.  I needed a one second exposure for the background and an eight second exposure for the flame.

So. What. To. Do.

The trick is simple.  Set the camera for the eight seconds needed for the flame to burn in properly and shut the lights off after one second after their burn in.  With the lights off, the flame was allowed to burn in.

Hasselblad 503cw with Carl Zeiss 180mm 4 with #32 tube - f4 @8s 50iso; natural light from flame and xmas lights.

Note:  Funny how Absinthe, which is normally green, showed up a dark red/brown after the long exposure.