Beetroot Rising {334/365}

Ideas and inspirations are organic things; they have a life of their own and can grow and develop from the smallest seed. For today's 365 entry I knew I wanted to continue with the food theme and I even had my subject picked out.  I planned a little setup with backgrounds, lighting scenarios, et al.  However, the shot wasn't developing the way I was hoping.  In such cases,  I would take a little break and come back to the project with a fresh eye.

As I held the beetroot in my hand, the smallest little thought popped into my head - craters.  The root felt like it had craters. Holding it up, a bit of the modeling light touched it and the incomplete thought blossomed.  It looked like a half moon rising over the horizon - complete with craters and gradations.

So I set up my strobe and fitted it with a snoot and a 15 degree grid.  Placing the snoot an inch from the top and slightly behind the beetroot gave me the exact effect I wanted. :)

Hasselblad 503cw with Carl Zeiss 80mm 2.8 with #32 tube - f22 @250th 50iso; snooted strobe fitted with 15 degree grid above and slightly behind root